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Our primary goal at Hives and More is to  help new beekeepers get started. We are not looking to take marketshare from others as much as we are hoping to start new Bee Keepers in the area. Our products are offered on our site, on Ebay, Amazon and thru local Apairies called Partners. This is our first year so our Partner list is short but we plan on expanding it thoughout the season. If you are interested in becoming a Partner or know someone who is check out our Partner page for details.

Introduction to Beekeeping

Here is a little information about hives and beekeeping that may help those of you who are just getting started. Beekeeping can be fun, educational, profitable and rewarding. There are two common types of hives, the Lanstroth type ( stacked square boxes) and the Top Bar Hive ( a longer narrow box). The Lanstroth hive is certainly the most common the the Top Bar Hive certainly...(read more)





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